Everyday Runway Fashion Show

Calling all of the area fashion lovers; {musthaveshoes} is putting on a FASHION SHOW!! Join us, Thursday, April 7 @ 6:00, at the Craddock Terry Hotel downtown, for a night of fun and fashion.

Event Coordinator, Shelly Tucker, spoke about why this event is something you don't want to miss. "This is an exciting event because you're gonna get to see everyday styles on the runway."

Tickets are on sale now at these locations: Franscesca's, Bloom, Loft (all in the Boonsboro shopping center), The Craddock Terry Hotel and The {musthaveshoes} store. Tickets are five dollars and ALL proceeds benefit the ALS Foundation (seats are limited).

We hope to see you there! If you have any questions, call Shelly at 434.239.0394

Meet Shelly!

Ever curious about the happenings at the {musthaveshoes} store? Well, there's no better person to talk with than the store's Assistant Manager, Shelly Tucker. We sat down with Shelly this morning so we could give you the information you've been searching for! Shelly has been with {musthaveshoes} for six years now. She started at the store as a Sales Associate, and worked in that position for one year before moving into the role of Assistant Manager. She has been keeping the store up to snuff ever since! When she's not in the store, Shelly enjoys spending time with her teenage daughter and performing her "mommy duties".

Here's some Q & A from today's chat!

Q: What do you love about the {musthaveshoes} store?

A: I love that it is constantly changing. It's so great that things are constantly changing and updating in here. Also, I have a definite passion for fashion and it's nice to be able to use my creativity throughout the store.

Q: Tell us about your job and your responsibilities.

A: One of my main responsibilities is making sure that the inventory in the store is up to date with today's styles and trends. Other things that I do are, change and design the displays and train new employees as we get them.

Q:Why should people shop at the {musthaveshoes} store?

A: We not only carry high quality shoes, we also carry shoes that are up to date with the hottest styles and trends. I think that those qualities, paired with our unbeatable prices, make this store the only one of its kind in the area. And, on top of that, we have remarkable customer service.

Q: What's your favorite brand that the store carries and why?

A: OTBT would have to be my favorite. I think it's my favorite because fits well into my everyday wardrobe. I also love that I have gotten to see the brand evolve over time. I watched it go from a purely comfort brand to now, it's a stylish brand that is amazingly comfortable.

Q: What is the most popular shoe for the typical Lynchburg shopper?

A; I have found that they tend to be more favorable to OTBT as well. I think this is because most of the women coming in here are hard working women who want to still be stylish. OTBT is the perfect combination of style and comfort and I think that just works for the women of Lynchburg.