Featured Brand: OTBT

You love to travel but you're no tourist. No guidebooks. No sightseeing buses. No package deals. You know a country's best-kept secrets cannot be found between the pages of Fodor's or a slick brochure. You know better than anyone else these places can only be found 'Off the Beaten Track.'

At MusthaveSHOES, we're a HUGE fan of OTBT, and proud to offer so many of it's selections to our local fans.  And it's no surprise that this brand stands out so strong.

Constructed with only the highest quality materials, authentic colors and a tough sole designed for maximum durability and functionality, OTBT (Off The Beaten Track) is the ultimate travel shoe. Named after off the beaten track cities, OTBT is a global brand for citizens of the world inspired by music, culture and lifestyle. If you demand unique shoes with original styling and utilitarian functionality, OTBT is the shoe to get you from here to there and everywhere in between.

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