Camping Trips in Re-Imagined

Happy May shoe fiends! The April showers are coming to an end (at least that's what we're hoping) bringing in the warm sunshine filled days, and cool crisp nights. And this weather reminds us, it's camping season! Big plans for Memorial Day weekend? Travel in style with OTBT Shoes. A unique category of footwear combining intrinsic styles with travel comfort and outdoor sport.

OTBT's styles for Spring 2015 feature thick rubber soles for a good ground grip and sporty vibe. Plus footbed styles add enough extra comfort that you'll be wearing them all day and not having to worry about changing into those dollor-store flip flops you brought just in case.

Check out these styles and more now available in the shop! This photoshoot was recently taken at our local Blackwater Creek trails. If you're looking for some options for local outdoor activity, be sure to check out one of their entry points and explore the outdoors!